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AHT Underfloor Heating Mat 0.5m x 5.5m

AHT's technologically advanced underfloor electrical heating system provides a warm, comfortable, luxurious home environment. For use in every room: bathroom, kitchen, living room, utility room, basement, den, or bedroom, it can be installed under any flooring: tile, stone, wood, laminate or carpet.



nominal power 150 W/m2

mat current 1.67 A

mat power 385 W

mat area 2.75 m2


If there's a need, we could order 50 - 75 - 100 - 120 - 180 W/m2 heating mats.


The AHT Underfloor Heating system is based on our unique Amorphous Metal Ribbon heating technology and has significant advantages over any other type of underfloor heating system:

3 minute warm-up
timeeasy diy installation
only 2.2mm thick
cost effective
primary heat source - no need for radiators
ideal for new builds, extensions, rennovation and conservatories


AHT  heating mats are constructed from wide amorphous metal ribbons that cover at least 25% of the floor area (compared to only 1% to 2% with heating wires). This large heat transfer area allows the heating element to operate at very low temperatures of about 30 degrees (compared to the typical temperature range of more than 60 degrees at the core of a common heating wire), and still generate the required heat to the surrounding area. The low working temperature allows direct installation of ceramic tile, timber, parquet or carpet above the heating mats with no danger of damaging the color, texture or coating of these delicate floor coverings.


The AHT Heating System:

Reaches working temperatures faster than other systems
The large heat transfer area of the heating ribbons and the short distance between the heating element and the floor covering ensure that the floor temperature reaches the desired level faster than wire systems buried deeper in the floor.


Generates more consistent heat. AHT heating mats are constructed from wide metallic ribbons that cover at least 25% of the floor area (compared to only 1% to 2% with heating wires). This high coverage creates extremely consistent heating over the top of the floor covering.


Is less costly and more economical to operate. Because AHT heating mats reach the desired working temperature faster, activating the system to reach a desired temperature can be started later than a comparable wire-based system, resulting in lower operating costs. The heating ribbons transfer all the electrical energy into heat and as the ribbon thickness is minimal (1/1000th inch), heat is not stored in the heating element itself; all heat is distributed into the surrounding area -resulting in superior economical operating costs.


Has a low profile and superior flexibility. The heating ribbon is only 1/1000th inch thick. The total mat thickness, including the double insulation, is less than 1/10th inch therefore perfectly suited not only for installation in new buildings, but also for renovation, refurbishment and retrofitting projects. State-of-the-art technology mean virtually no change to the elevation of the floor during renovations.


Is extremely simple and easy to install. Just lay the heating mats on the sub-floor, connect the electrical cables and you are ready to cover the floor with any type of covering.


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