About us

A.H.T. Advanced Heating Technologies International Group


Is a world leader in green and enviromentally friendly heating technology for domestic, industrial and commercial indoor and outdoor applications. Its main focus is the promotion of new technologies and applications  in heating and fusion, based on two revolutionary and proprietary technologies: amorphous metal ribbons and amorphous metal powder.


The AHT amorphous ribbon heating element, with a thickness of only 25 microns is significantly more effective than all other crystalline electrical heating cable systems as well as the conventional hot water systems and demonstrates unprecedented strength, thermal efficiency, as well as unique assembly methods, due to several important factors:

Large heat transfer area of the ribbon
Low mass of the element
Lower working temperature
Lower insulation requirements.


The AHT materials demonstrate unprecedented strength and thermal stability, as well as unique assembly methods.


A.H.T. Advanced Heating Technologies International Group is based in Lugano – Switzerland with subsidiary commercial companies strategically located in the U.S.A., Australia, Israel, Cyprus, Netherlands, Korea, Italy and Lithuania. Our manufacturing operations are carried out by A.H.T. Advanced Heating Technologies Industrial Group, our subsidiary company located in Ghimbav – Romania, where our manufacturing plant is located.

All AHT International Group activities are based on the principle of “Enhancing Life – Protecting the Environment”.