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AHT Outdoor Heating Ribbon U - Undergound, Ribbon R - Road, Ribbon G - Roof & Gutter
AHT Outdoor Heating Ribbon U - Undergound, Ribbon R - Road, Ribbon G - Roof & Gutter

AHT Outdoor Heating Systems


The AHT Outdoor Ribbon Heating Systems provide the most efficient and cost effective way for melting ice and snow covering roads, driveways, sidewalks, pavements, sport-fields, gutters, roofs, as well as providing heat to green houses and to general agricultural applications.

Our outdoor snow melting – deicing systems are based on the unique AHT amorphous metal ribbon heating technology, specifically developed to solve safety hazards caused by harsh cold weather conditions.


The AHT product have significant advantages over any other type of hydronic or electrical cable systems as follows:

Greater surface contact with cold ground or ice
Innovative design of the heating cable
Reaching working temperature fast
Generating heat evenly.
Energy savings
Less costly
Reliable and durable.
Installation is extremely simple and easy.
Perfectly safe against electric shock hazards.


AHT currently supplies two families of Snow-and-Ice Melting products:

Outdoor Underground Heating Ribbons, normally at 250-500 watts/m2.
Higher outputs can be easily achieved by controlling the spacing between ribbon runs on the ground.


Roof and Gutter Freeze Protection Heating Ribbons.

Both product families are based on a unique design of fully grounded heat-tracing cables (Heating element) made from the AHT amorphous metal ribbons enclosed in a mechanically strong but flexible enclosure. The heating elements are designed per IEEE 515.1 standard for underground and outdoor-exposed applications.


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